10 Ideas For A Fan-Chosen Star Trek Anthology Series

Star Trek has a lot of stories to weed out from previous series.

Recently, Akiva Goldsman, the creator of Star Trek: Picard, floated the idea of ​​a Star Trek anthology series that would bring back classic characters from the series to show fans where they were in life. Needless to say, fans jumped at the idea, even though it’s just an idea. Nothing has been confirmed about such an anthology series, but that’s not stopping fans from speculating on what and who should be included in these hour-long stories.

Youtube channel, Breakdown of WDIM sci-fi movies and seriesshared a video of some viewer suggestions that should be included if an anthology series ever comes to fruition, and some would definitely be worth a screen time.

It’s no surprise to see Enterprise included in the list of hoped-for Star Trek anthology episodes.

Most Trekkies can agree that Enterprise was canceled far too soon. It should have been given the opportunity to play out its seven seasons like the other series did. Admittedly, the ratings weren’t as high as the studio would have liked, but season four had started to turn things around, and with a chance, this series could have been as popular as the others.

One commenter wanted to see the Romulan War on Earth that would have taken place during the Enterprise era while another wanted to see fixes for issues created by the Temporal War. Yet another wanted to see Trip’s death on screen rather than between the pages of a book.

Another suggestion that hardly ever Trekkie can follow is the rise of the Borg. Most of us have always wanted to know how the collective was born. Were they created by other alien species? Was it an accident that brought them back to life? It’s something that absolutely has to come to the screen.

There are several other great ideas in the video, and maybe if more fans talk about this potential series, it will actually happen. It is really necessary.

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